What is FreevoLive?

FreevoLive is a live cd, running Mandriva Linux, with Freevo preinstalled. It is meant to show people why Freevo is the way to go for your Home Theatre PC!

FreevoLive was build with the mklivecd scripts from MCNLive, which is a live cd created by members of the Dutch MandrivaClub.

 News about FreevoLive

March 31, 2008: FreevoLive isn't dead (yet)

Some of you may have noticed that it's a bit quite here lately, this is mostly because I'm having troubles building a LiveCD off of Mandriva 2008.0. I just don't see the point in creating another version off of 2007.1 anymore.

Existing FreevoLive user should be able to easily update their system to the latest and greatest Freevo releases, as I'm still creating rpm packages for it. To update to Freevo 1.8.0, simply type the following commando (as root):

# urpmi freevo-1.8.0
Before you do, make sure to make a backup of your configuration though.

At the moment I just hope things will work out better with Mandriva 2008.1, I haven't had the time to try yet, but I'm still hoping to continue what I have started.

October 18, 2007: FreeoLive 0.15

FreevoLive 0.15 is released! Now you can enjoy Freevo in X11!

Is that all? Well, running Freevo on top of X11, makes it possible to use the native resolution of your monitor, instead of 800x600x16bpp being the only possible resolution. So this is actually a nice improvement.

Besides that, I added a small browser (Hv3), and installed the libquicktime-faad package, so that you can finally enjoy the Apple trailers with sound!! Isn't that something? :-D

Last but not least, the new sample media mentioned below is now included!

September 02, 2007: FreevoLive has a forum!

As of today, FreevoLive has a forum!

The existing mailing lists weren't used by many people, so I decided to create a forum for FreevoLive.

Note that the existing mailing lists are not going to be removed. I think mailing lists are a great way of reaching people who subscribed to that list. I still think mailing lists are by far superior against forums... but somehow, people don't subscribe to a mailing list as easy as they would subscribe to a forum :)

The forums can be found at

August 28, 2007: New samples for the next release

On the next FreevoLive release, I will replace the photo and music samples with ones that have a less restrictive license.

The photographs will be replaced by some made by PeterM, a crew member of the MandrivaClub.NL forums

The music, will be replaced by two songs from Jamendo because of the creative commons license used on those.

The songs I have selected, are Sirio - Wings In The Night and Evan - Rever... Peut-etre... Part 2. Why those songs? Because they are short (under 2 minutes), and thus save some space on the live cd, and because they just sound very good (for my taste at least).

Note that this does not mean that the next release will come within a short period of time now. I don't want to release a new version just because of the new samples, I think a new version should have at least a technical improvement, or a newer version of Freevo (just which comes first).

August 8, 2007: FreevoLive 0.14

A new version is ready for action!

This one is updated with the last week release Freevo version 1.7.3. See the changelog for more information.

July 15, 2007: FreevoLive 0.13

Yeah, the final finally made it! Not much has changed since beta3 though, it was mostly testing that has been done, and everything seems to work quite well as designed ;)

Have fun with it!

June 10, 2007: FreevoLive 0.13 BETA!

It's been a while, but here it finally is.. well, not completely, but we have a working version again!

There have been some problems building the new version, from stupid mistakes to hardware issues, but now everything is solved, and we can get on with FL again! :-)

Version 0.13 BETA is based on a Mandriva 2007.1 system, with kernel and Freevo 1.7.2 installed.

Known issues:
* On my system, the installer doesn't work... so it's live-only for now. - SOLVED!
* The 55 second boot timeout doesn't seem te work either, so don't run this on a keyboard-less system. - SOLVED!
* urpmi is not configured yet, so it is not possible to install additional software with urpmi until this is configured.

Edit: beta 3 available for download now!

Have fun with it, and please tell me if you find any other issues!

March 27, 2007: FreevoLive 0.12

I was planning for 0.12 to be a LiveCD on its own, and no remaster of MCNLive anymore, but build from a clean MDV2007 system. Sadly enough, I had a lot of problems building it, so I ended up remastering one last time.

This one has fixed a lot of nasty bugs, read the changelog for more info!

March 4, 2007: FreevoLive 0.11 is released!

A new version is waiting for you to download!

What's new? Well, it contains Freevo 1.7.0, and the latest Mandriva Kernel. Besides that, the Appletrailers plugin is added.

March 1, 2007: New website!

Since the old 'site' was nothing more that a quick and dirty (not to mention very ugly) page, I thought it would be nice to give FreevoLive a nice site ;-)

FreevoLive is hosted by: